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SAP S/4HANA Migration.



Are you currently facing a major SAP S/4HANA migration project like many companies? Or are you already in the middle of it and things are not going as planned? Thanks to our many years of experience, we know the typical challenges and risks:

  • Expenses and resource-intensive S/4HANA Project
  • High operational risk associated with the migration to S/4HANA
  • Difficult alignment of IT and Business during the S/4HANA migration process
  • Adding additional requirements during migration due to lack of ECC transparency
  • Limited understanding of process problems

With FITS-P as your partner for S/4HANA migration, we meet these challenges and guarantee you: Lower costs, fewer project delays and no unexpected surprises – less risk in your SAP S/4HANA migration!

Why we are convinced we can help you: We combine outstanding experience and expertise in all three areas necessary for a successful S/4HANA migration:

We have decades of SAP experience in various SAP migration and integration projects. We have been involved in all project roles – from CIO and project manager to developer and consultant.

We are experts in all logistics processes, from production and procurement to sales, from both IT and business perspectives.

We are pioneers in process mining technology and have been using it for more than ten years. We know how to transform technological expertise into concrete value for your company.

Our approach

We accompany you throughout the entire S/4HANA migration process and do not leave you to face your challenges alone. Before the migration, we help you to visualise the existing processes, master data and customising quickly, objectively and transparently. During implementation, we monitor that all processes are fully implemented and tested. After the go-live, we check whether the processes are being executed as planned.

In the project we see our role as your supporter. The value for your company:

  • Objective and data-based decision-making basis in real time
  • Prioritization of important topics
  • Productive and short meetings
  • Full transparency of the implementation progress
  • Optimal use of internal and external resources

We combine our consulting services with the SAP S/4HANA Migration Suite consisting of three apps:

Provides a transparent view of your processes, master data and SAP customizing and identifies risks.

Monitors the progress of your implementation and tests.

Ensures continuous and sustainable success.

Our services

In addition to risk minimisation with the SAP S/4HANA Migration Suite, we offer you other services, all with the same goal – to sustainably optimise your company, take it to the next level and prepare it for the future. In addition to analysing your processes and creating transparency, we focus on one key aspect: creating real added value for your company by working with you to implement specific process and system adjustments. FITS-P is a reliable partner for all your projects, providing support from start to finish while keeping your costs low.

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