Process mining brings light into the darkness

Almost all company processes are IT-supported. A large amount of log information is stored in the background in these systems. Process mining technology utilizes these digital footprints.

Graphically processed, this data provides simple, fast, cross-process and cross-system information about the actual processes in your company.

Processes can thus be analysed and optimized. Managers receive information on how to adapt processes sustainably.The Execution Management System (EMS) provides employees with specific instructions to ensure smooth processes.

Celonis is a process mining pioneer and global market leader with customers ranging from SMEs to global corporations.

Process Mining Demo

Using the procurement process as an example, this video shows how Celonis identifies weak points and how these can be sustainably eliminated.

We can provide you additional demos upon request.

Process mining in practice

Process mining is applicable to all system-supported processes and industries.

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